[Xandier59] Suzuya

WoWs SKIN: IJN TIER 8 – Cruiser Mogami

Mod that change the visual of the Mogami ship with Suzuya [Kancolle] theme. Some of the part you might see on other ship as well that using the same part. Detail of change can be read below:

Change info:

  • Mogami hull A and B.
  • 155 mm and 203 mm main gun
  • 610 Quad Torpedo
  • 127 mm secondary gun


Extract the archive at the latest patch folder in the res_mod in WoWs folder

World_of_Warships\res_mods\(latest version)

DOWNLOAD  » MEGA (Outdated) Please use the Mod Pack 001

Get new version Here – LINK



5 thoughts on “WoWs SKIN: IJN TIER 8 – Cruiser Mogami”

  1. I am not sure whether it is intentional, but the Japanese characters on this skin is not Suzuya, rather it is Aoba.
    If it is not intended, are you planning to fix it?


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