Interface: Kancolle Enchant Rebirth ver2.3 [Final Full version] Seriously this time!

Update!: WOWS Update Version 0.4.1

Full version for the Kancolle Enchant. Fixed the endless loading time on the login screen. This mode improve and fixed the bug on older enchant mod. You no longer need the older enchant mod to fully made it work.

Change files/fix: 

  • Background and icon image of login loading.
  • Dock/lobby upper bar background.
  • Image for quest and mission
  • Icon for ship module upgrade
  • Icon ship modernization
  • Icon for Ship consumable
  • Battle icon (pvp, pve and training)
  • Profile background image (Battle Stat, achievement and ranking)
  • Battle loading background
  • Image for option setting
  • Hidden premium ship will be display on tech tree (only tripiz missing)
  • 6th Sense Icon for both ship detected and plane detected


  • Remove the older version .. completely
  • Download the new version below.
  • Unzip the files and place it inside the latest res_mods folder.
  • Check if the path files located to the mod is correct.
  • That it, now it work fine.

[Final Full version Season 2 – no xml coding, just fresh icon and image mode] – fix bleed on skill icon




14 thoughts on “Interface: Kancolle Enchant Rebirth ver2.3 [Final Full version] Seriously this time!”

    1. Has anybody else encountered an eternal loading cycle when trying to get into matches? I’ve had it happen every single time I’ve had this mod, which I happen to really like, installed while trying to load into a random battle.


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