WoWs SKIN: RWBY Skin Collection Version 2.1

Skin modification for Cleveland, Ranger, Iowa and Sims based on the RWBY Theme. There are some part that you might see on other ship which share the same files. Detail and download link can be view below.

Skin Set:

  • Ruby (Cleveland – Tier 6 USN Cruiser)
  • Wiess (Ranger – Tier 7 USN Carrier)
  • Yang (Iowa – Tier 8 USN Battleship)
  • Blake (Sims – Tier 7 USN Premium Destroyer)

Change info:

  • Skin for all hull upgrade for on all ship
  • Several AA gun and Secondary gun
  • Main gun for Cleveland and Iowa
  • Plane skin for Ranger’s Dive, Torpedo and fighter Plane
  • Plane skin for Cleveland’s Fighter plane
  • Icon for dock and tech tree based on the ship.
  • Skin for small detail like crane, searchlight, range finder and radar.


Extract the archive at the latest patch folder in the res_mod in WoWs folder

World_of_Warships\res_mods\(latest version)


Last update : 11 September 2015



17 thoughts on “WoWs SKIN: RWBY Skin Collection Version 2.1”

  1. Yang isnt working for me. i have some other skin mods installed for here with the damage tracker from aslians mod pack. the other mods from here work fine so far. the guns are skinned kn the NC, IOWA<, and MONTANA. but nothing else.


    1. Go content/gameplay/usa/ship/battleship/textures in your res_mod folder and change the “ASB028_Iowa_1945_a” into “ASB028_Iowa_1944_a”. Then it should work. Have fun.


      1. Naa, sorry. Wrong. It seems the Iowa-Skin isn’t made for the C Hull. I got it to work now, but you can see it’s actually made for the A hull, eventually for B hull, too (I don’t know, I don’t have the B hull).


  2. Dunno why I never noticed this before but you have it spelt “RWYB” on the Cleveland and Ranger.
    Also you have Iowa as T8 BB but it’s T9.


  3. mega download link is broken. And I have a problem with the Plane skin for Ranger, They are not working. please help, in the screenshots look great. I love them


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