Icon: Female Admiral Portrait Ver3

Change the admiral portrait with female anime version of admiral character or kanmusu teitoku. Icon is available for all nation IJN, USN, UK, German and Russia.

Update Change:

  • Added 5 new Admiral Icon for IJN
  • Added 3 new Admiral Icon for USN
  • Added 1 new Admiral icon for Russia

Note: I not own the original character of the admiral, all image is belong to the original Author


Extract the archive at the latest patch folder in the res_mod in WoWs folder

World_of_Warships\res_mods\(latest version)



Admiral Crew Icon 3a

12 thoughts on “Icon: Female Admiral Portrait Ver3”

  1. has this been updated to work with the current version? and does it stay updated pls ? or get updated regular ?


    1. the updated version available inside the kancolle enchant. I will separate a separated one if you don’t want to download the pack.


  2. ok I also got the skin pack as that’s got the engine and mega , and the girls installed and working ,skins look nice also ,,, but now I have a problem ,, on my 16 point arp commander I cannot use my secondary manuel fire control as I have that skill (( it has stopped working)) is there a way to fix this issue pls ???


      1. seems to be a mechanic issue ,,I was hoping the update today would fix the issue ,,the mods seem gone but my secondary guns still wont lock and fire with my big arp girl only. I am running the live euro version. I also sent you a ingame friend request 🙂 ty ffor reply , uill look forward to help pls

        Liked by 1 person

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