Interface: Kancolle Enchant Rebirth ver2.5

WOWS Update Version

Full version for the Kancolle Enchant. Fixed the endless loading time on the login screen. This mode improve and fixed the bug on older enchant mod. You no longer need the older enchant mod to fully made it work.

Change files/fix: 

  • Background and icon image of login loading.
  • Dock/lobby upper bar background.
  • Image for quest and mission
  • Icon for ship module upgrade
  • Icon ship modernization
  • Icon for Ship consumable
  • Battle icon (pvp, pve, ranking battle and training)
  • Profile background image (Battle Stat, achievement and ranking)
  • Battle loading background
  • Image for option setting
  • Hidden premium ship will be display on tech tree (only tripiz missing)
  • 6th Sense Icon for both ship detected and plane detected


  • Remove the older version .. completely
  • Download the new version below.
  • Unzip the files and place it inside the latest res_mods folder.
  • Check if the path files located to the mod is correct.
  • That it, now it work fine.

Change Notes from 2.3 to 2.4

  • New Login Background
  • Change Character on Lobby Bar
  • Added Training Mods
  • Simple the Loading Icon
  • New Ranking Battle Background Image
  • Reduce (Nerf) Background Image for Option
  • Reduce (Nerf) Background Image for result Screen
  • New 6th Sense Icon (Yahagi 6th sense, remove Kaga 6th sense and change Tenryuu 6th sense to Aircraft spot) – Also buff size about 10%
  • New Battle Background Image for Straits and New Dawn
  • Tech Tree expected : Now you can view German and Russia ship.
  • Kancolle Fall CG on Battle Button (Small Button)
  • Replace Ranking Star with White Pantsu and Shimapan :3

NOTE: Download this new version and replace it with older one. Simple ^^



  • Previous Version 6th sense [Tenyruu (By ship) and Kaga (By Plane) – MEGA / MF – PREVIEW
  • Previous version of Login loading background Image – MEGA / MF – PREVIEW
  • No Pantsu on the Star Ranking System version – MEGA / MF
  • Smaller Torpedo Warning Icon – MEGA / MF – PREVIEW

Credit to those people who help me fixed the mods, danke! danke!

  • VikingRDD
  • pryne1



24 thoughts on “Interface: Kancolle Enchant Rebirth ver2.5”

  1. how can i change the pic back to 2.3 login Background? 
    リリース お疲れ様 ちょっと2.4のログイン背景画像が気に入らないので、2.3の「時雨最上扶桑」の画像に戻りたいどうすればいいのか?


    1. which one you install.. the 2.4 or the 2.5 version? if still got problem..
      just go delete the minimap.swf in the folder “/gui/flash”


  2. Great version. I still use old version but not completed I found that when I just put ” hud_lib.swf” in flash folder, my “ammo_ap.png” and “ammo_he.png” icon display differently in game. It shows 2.5 version’s icons in game(only ap and he ammos. Could you please help me fix this little problem. Hope you can upload new “hud_liv. swf” soon.


  3. ich hab ein problem das interface geht bei mir nicht
    es lädt und lädt aber sonnst passiert nix
    ich hab neben denn
    INTERFACE: KANCOLLE ENCHANT REBIRTH VER2.5 auch das Xandier’s Kancolle Skin Pack 001 drin aber beides zusammen lässt das spiel nicht laden siehe bild


    1. If you meant the infinity loading, I’m still using the mod data from the version and everything is working properly.
      You might want to try this, If it can’t fix the problem, please continue reading.
      – The skin pack is all about DDS files so they should work all the time and doesn’t cause any error. GUI and Ship-icon mod ( flash and xml files modification ) are the cause of most errors . You might need to check if mods from other groups ( which you are using ) are up-to-date or not.
      – In the worst case scenario, you might need to delete everything in res_mods/ folder and install mods ONE-BY-ONE to find which one caused the problem.


  4. Looks like something in the 5.2 update isn’t working. When I start the game with the mod on, I can’t get past the first loading screen to the log in screen. Any quick fixes?


    1. get rid of gameloading, help_panel, login, and service_lib in the flash folder. that’s the only way I could get it to work with 5.0.2


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