Interface: Kancolle Enchant Rebirth ver2.6

WOWS Update Version

Full version for the Kancolle Enchant. Standard/default version of Enchant Mod. This mode improve the visual and made closer to kancolle theme. You no longer need the older enchant mod to fully made it work. Small update before there will be major update to enchant mod coming next week.


  • Remove the older version, completely or replace it.
  • Download the new version below.
  • Unzip the files and place it inside the latest res_mods folder.
  • Check if the path files located to the mod is correct.
  • That it, now it work fine.

Change Notes from 2.5 to 2.6

  • Added a new curcours collection – by MorizukiYuki (EU)
  • New Login Background
  • Improve design on Lobby Bar
  • Fix Training Mods
  • Fix the Option/setting menu
  • New Ranking Battle Background Image
  • Smaller torpedo and plane icon.
  • For 6th sense, use Tenryuu 6th sense for ship detection and Kaga for plane spotting.
  • Tech Tree expected : Now you can view German and Russia ship.
  • Improve several icon, like battle icon.
  • Return the Ranking Star from White Pantsu and Shimapan D:

NOTE: Download this new version and replace it with older one. Simple ^^



Credit to those people who help me fixed the mods, danke! danke!

  • MorizukiYuki
  • pryne1



35 thoughts on “Interface: Kancolle Enchant Rebirth ver2.6”

  1. Say, I can’t see the options for camouflage in the exterior menu when I have this installed, is something broken?


    1. please try deleting consumer_main_scene.swf and consumer_main_scene_low.swf file ( or update the training room mod ), remove the “2-row ship list” mod in the res_mods/gui/flash folder

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    1. Copy it when the game as already launch for the moment the crash caused only on the first loading before the ID and password screen


    1. today there will be more new update in wows, so I expected it will crash again, consider to remove the mods before I made a new one, sorry D:


    1. I’m trying to get the mod to work but i simply cant figure out what you mean with Gameloading and training room mod, does this mod not work with the training room enabler and some other mod?


      1. Somehow the modded gameloading file prevent player from going to the login screen so we removed that file.
        You can install training room mod from other groups, They will work fine together with our mods as long as they are compatible with the latest version of WOWS.


    2. I attempted to install it again according to the instructions, put the files in res mods, but it only makes the game crash on launch, i do have the training room enabler from the aslains modpack but thats about all that i have installed atm, do you have any idea what could cause it?


  2. In the gui/flash folder the service.lib.swf data gives you an endless loading screen. delete it and the game runs but some parts of the game looks normal afterwards not kancollelike. sorry for my bad english.


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