News: PravdaTeam x Aslain’s ModPack

The well know Modpack Collection of Wot and WoWs, Aslain are now proudly included our team skin and mod collection inside their modpack installer.

We have been trying to improve our quality of our service, and also giving our best to give our fan many way to download our mod collection, and now everyone can enjoy download our modpack from aslain’s installer.  Download link to aslain’s page can are show below. What is this aslain’s installer? – Aslain’s Modpack installer is a single click installer that included various mod from many modder around all server. From crosshair collection to all kind icon and modification are available inside. Check it out. There are many thing to try up.

NOTE: Aslain are included our main and standard collection of our modpack. Please visit this website regularly or you can subscribe to our Facebook page or Twitter or any latest news and update.

WARNING: Made sure you back up your older mode you have before install this modpack, cause by installing by aslain modpack, it might replace or permanent delete all the mod you have now. Be caution what you click.

*Please like our and support our Patreon page, we need your support so we can keep up making more awesome work, simple right?




2 thoughts on “News: PravdaTeam x Aslain’s ModPack”

  1. I’ve been using Aslain and your mod ever since CBT, now that your mod is available within Aslain’s it is even easier! Thank you! but you might want to update the skin pack though.


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