Interface: Eugen Enchant 2.3

WOWS Update Version

New version of Eugen Enchant for the Wows. This mode will turn most image with Priz Eugen theme and the game dock interface will turn into red. A full stand alone files, you no longer need the older enchant mod to fully made it work. Danke! Danke!


  • Remove the older version, completely or replace it.
  • Download the files below.
  • Unzip the files and place it inside the latest res_mods folder.
  • Check if the path files located to the mod is correct.
  • That it, now it work fine.

Change Notes of version 2.3

  • Fix the crash display
  • Remove the older gameloading image
  • Added few new mission and quest image
  • several new icon : rank, reward, option



Credit to those people who help me fixed the mods, danke! danke!

  • drnh3883
  • pryne1
  • MorizukiYuki 



12 thoughts on “Interface: Eugen Enchant 2.3”

  1. the hud_lib portion is all consolidated into that single .swf file, right? Is there any way I could pick and choose which parts of the HUD I want to put in or no?

    Do you guys create the .swf from scratch or is there a way to unpack the originals from the /res/ folder and work off there?


  2. By machine translation, excuse me.

    I have them make them use skin, and it’s very useful.

    Thank you very much.

    Would Ver0.5.1.4 be able to use Interface: Eugen Enchant 2.3?

    If it can be used, I’d like to know a way.


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