News: Happy New Year 2016

Poi, Happy New Year everyone!

A new year have arrived, I am grateful to all fan of PravdaTeam that constantly support us by either liking our articles or making any comment or feedback which help us a lot. There might some mistake and some trouble have happen, we truly sorry for that. We will keep up the good work and thank you very much for all the support given. With now Aoki Hagane live in wows, it about time I will consider making Aoki Hagane related mod. I wish this year we would made more beautiful work that you all would rejoice using it.

Cheers, Xandi

Special Thanks to staff and other helped maintain this Team

  • Xandier59
  • sudoku135
  • drnh3883
  • tanoskywalker
  • iScale
  • VikingRDD
  • DanZaisha

Great Thank to My Patreon! Danke!

  • Michael Loehr
  • The.Infinity
  • Katsuhira
  • Sunrise-Joy
  • Johan Grimberg
  • NagisanCZ
  • Gregor Hoogstad
  • roderichlind
  • Evan Plant
  • Frederico André Kupka
  • Xiang Wang
  • kyumaro
  • Haborym
  • Philipp_Trousil
  • Shira Yukira
  • Ahmed Salah
  • Waifuhunter
  • Max S
  • Kevin
  • TanoSkywalker

Not forget also to my donator:

  • Jason Gilbert
  • Michael Schouten
  • Sean Ortiz
  • Astral Raiser
  • Kevin Moser
  • Václav Novotný
  • Michael Löhr
  • Badin Piriyapaiboon


PS: Sorry, I am bad at english, I know it well :>


6 thoughts on “News: Happy New Year 2016”

  1. happy happy happy happy Birfday little lady! And a big hug and kiss too mwaaaaa!! Wish I lived closer so I could stop by and give you that in peenrs!!Box´s last post [type] ..


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