Sound: [KC] Prinz Eugen sound pack v0.3

Compatible with WOWS v0.5.13.0
This modification will replace several audio files.

NOTE: After the weird 0.5.13 update…

I didn’t have time to play the PT so I didn’t know that WG “improved” the game’s sound recently. anw, soundmods might not work now because the new version of wows does not read the sound data in the res_mods folder anymore I assume ? or it has been like that from the beginning ? if not, will wg make sound-modding great again ? I have no idea, I remember nothing either.

After a mini test, our sound mods should still work but require a 1 minute quick fix and you can do it by yourself.

For now, the fix for both haruna and prinz eugen sound mod is:

****** For users who already have the mod *********
1. Copy the “Voice” folder located in “blabla\World_of_Warships\res_mods\0.5.x.y\banks\Languages\EN”
1.5. If you might want to keep the original “Voice” folder for backup purpose, rename it to something else like “Voice_original” and then proceed.
2. Paste to “blabla\World_of_Warships\res\banks\Languages\EN”.
==> Done, that’s it.

****** For users who don’t have yet *********
There is a modded “banks” folder in the mod installation pack.
Just simply copy-paste that folder to:
1. “blabla\World_of_Warships\res\”
2. “blabla\World_of_Warships\res_mods\”
=> Done

IMPORTANT: Because audio ouput depend on each pc so some people might think the sound is small, some others … got deaf by it. My recommendation is to lower other sound effects and adjust voice message volume to fit your needs.
Example settings ( ignore the music part, you don’t need to turn it off ):

Special thank to “Huntingmywaifus”/”Unlicht” and “Xanbob” for testing and helped improving sound scenario. May the force stay with your ears.


1. Go to WOWS’s “res” folder, copy the “banks” folder to the res_mods/<game.version>/ folder.
2. Copy the modded “banks” folder to the res_mods/<game.version>/ folder. Confirm any overwrite notice.
4. Start the game and check the IN-GAME_SETTINGS_INSTRUCTION.jpg image, make sure the settings are correct.
P/s: The volume slider/amount is free to choose, but Voice message should be as enough to hear
=> Done

Check if the paths.xml is using this format or the similar:

————— —————————-———————-



DOWNLOAD  » 12.17 MB (Last Update 07/07/2016)



23 thoughts on “Sound: [KC] Prinz Eugen sound pack v0.3”

  1. The sounds are working fine as far as I can tell, but since i installed the mod the BGM went totaly silent. I tryed to play around with the ingame setting but that doesnt change that.


    1. Yea, followed instructions to the letter and the BGM goes silent. Also, mind sharing the source for that pic of pudding in the banner? lol


        1. Copy everything inside res/audio folder and paste into res_mods/<game.version>/audio.
        2. Extract the mod, you will get the modded “audio” folder, copy it to res_mods/<game.version>/.
          *Finally, check if the res_mods/<game.version>/ have these 4 folders inside: “English(US)”, “High”, “Low”, “mods”. If yes, it should work.
          **Basically, I think you missed step 1.


  2. i followed the instrucktions inside the Zip-file, when i repeated the install with you instruction that you just posted it seemed to work. the difference now it that there now is also the arpeggio folder and the WOWS_SC.pck file inside the res_mod/a.b.c.d/audio. Looks like that did the trick somehow~


  3. Fait tout simplement ceci :
    1. Go to res/banks, copy everything inside it to the res_mods/<game.version>/banks folder.
    2. Copy the modded “banks” folder to the res_mods/<game.version>/ folder.

    Pour moi ça fonctionne très bien.


  4. Echo Ketch here, I don’t always follow my routine, but I know what works best for me, and I usually end up writing daily. I find that a schedule helps prevent wrteri’s block. If I expect my body to write, pretty soon the words come easy.


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