WoWs Skin: Skin Pack 002

Thank for the support for fan, we gladly present the new skin collection.

Huge pack collection of PravdaTeam until March 2016. Fixed most error from the older skin update. Skin modification that change the visual of most ship with various anime character theme. Some of the part you might see on other ship as well that using the same part. Pack included ship preview icon and other small detail like range finder, radar, etc… Detail and download can be view below:

Skin List and Character


Hashidate (Katori) – Tenryu (Tenryuu) – Kuma (Abukuma) – Aoba (AobaxKinugasa) – Myoko (Haguro) – Mogami (Suzuya) – Zao (Reimu) – Myoji (Akame) – Kongou (Kongou) – Fuso (Fusou) – Nagato (NagatoxMutsu) – Izumo (Kaga) – Hosho (Hosho) – Zuihou (Zuihou) – Ryujo (Ryujo) – Hiryu (Hiryuu) – Shoukaku (Shoukaku) – Taihou (Taihou) – Hakuryu (Katsuragi) – Umikaze (Umikaze) – Isokaze (Isokaze) – Minekaze (Hibiki) – Atago (Atago) – Iwaki Alpha (Yahagi) –


Omaha (Umaru) – Cleveland (Ruby) – Iowa (Yang) – Ranger (Wiess) – Essex (Sayuki) – Sims (Blake)


Hindenburg (Kurumi) – Tirpitz (Bismarck) –


Mikhail (Iris Heart) –


Blyskawica (Misaka)

Change info:

  • Fixed text and art error to several new and old ship
  • Added new plane Skin for Ryujo, Hiryuu, Shoukaku, Hakuryu and Ranger
  • Added new skin for Fighter and Spotter Plane on Cruiser or Battleship
  • Improving the old Ship Preview Icon
  • Remaster skin of Aoba and Suzuya

Other Skin:

  • Main gun, secondary gun and AA gun
  • Plane Catapult
  • Director, range finder, small boat, radar, searchlight, crane, deck.
  • Camoflage remover (All)
  • Much more… poi


Extract the archive at the latest patch folder in the res_mod in WoWs folder

World_of_Warships\res_mods\(latest version)

NOTE: Please Read the Glow Fix before install this Skin Pack ^ – Link 


Special Thanks:

  • Waifuhunter
  • Sudoku135
  • Drnh3883
  • Tanoskywalker
  • Alipheese_XV
  • MryNightmare
  • Kyoshiki



25 thoughts on “WoWs Skin: Skin Pack 002”

  1. Xandier59 did you know that with Hull C on the Furutaka the skin isn’t there? It reverts back to the non-skin version, A and B does work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Is there any plans to fix the Furutaka hull C skin bug? As of the current patch, the C hull on the Furutaka is bugged, even though the mod says that the A, B, and C hull are skinned.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. hi, sorry to be a pain, but I wanted to let you know a few things about the skin pack – 1) they look very nice! 2) some are not working fully – only showing colored turrets and lifeboats, and not the side of the hull! (shiratsuyu, akatsuki, aoba, – more than a few others.) The ones that do work are wonderful. anyway, perhaps you knew this info already. I hope you are able to update!


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