Interface: Kancolle Enchant Ver2.9.1

WOWS Update Version

Kancolle Enchant (Standard/default version of Enchant Mod) This mode improve the visual and made closer to kancolle theme. You need this mods installed if you want to installed the Kancolle Enchant Expansion/DLC – Akatsuki Enchant, Eugen Enchant and Haruna Enchant.  You no longer need the older enchant mod to fully made it work.


  • Remove the older version, completely (if there any)
  • Download the new version below.
  • Unzip the files and place it inside the latest res_mods folder.
  • Check if the path files located to the mod is correct.
  • That it, now it work fine.

Change Notes from 2.9 to 2.9.1

  • Change Starting Logo
  • New Image art for post battle result
  • Improving some BG for profile Bar
  • New art behind Setting bar
  • Improve Gameloading Image
  • Show all hidden ship in the tech tree.

PS: Please delete all the old unbound and lobby folder before installed ^



  • tech tree shows some prem ships grayed out and unable to load preview with notice “that ship is only buy able in online shop”
  • gameloading imager worked in this patch, if game not load – consider to delete the gameloading.swf in the flash folder.


Credit to those people who help me fixed/test the mods, danke! danke!

  • Kyoshiki
  • Seekeer
  • renation89
  • Waifuhunter


By Kyoshiki-kun :3


19 thoughts on “Interface: Kancolle Enchant Ver2.9.1”

    1. there will be new update on next 2 week which made all the format changed. I kinda worry on it. So I will need to see get info on it first before I progress the Haruna enchant ^


  1. This was beautiful! Too bad we were able to enjoy it for only around 10 days because of the new update release…..

    Any ETA on another Enchant update?


    1. I will have a 3 days holiday in this weekend, I might can update sll the mods if my doujinshi circle not busy


  2. To get it to work on .0.5.5 until xander updates delete service_lib.swf ,consumer_main_scene.swf and consumer main_scene_low. I dunno if post_fx_animations.xml was from enchant or not but I had to remove that too to get the game to load


  3. can you re-make the eugen mod for 5.5 version? I like your eugen mod so much and keep using it until 5.4.3 version.


  4. I’ve used mods from a year already,from mmo-radar/Tsukotaku, and so now i use those from there.During the patch periods, i looked a little about how to edit the SWF files…etc

    I tried to “convert” the original files with using icons from this mod (JPEXS editor) and…. Idon’t get how changing some icons, can lead the game to crash. Same files, just change icons, client crash. It’s amazing, so well i’m waiting for working mod files now xD

    looks for Haruna gui 8D


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