WoWs SKIN: RWBY Skin Col0lection Version 2.2

Skin modification for Cleveland, Ranger, Iowa and Sims based on the RWBY Theme. There are some part that you might see on other ship which share the same files. Detail and download link can be view below.

Skin Set:

  • Ruby (Cleveland – Tier 6 USN Cruiser)
  • Wiess (Ranger – Tier 7 USN Carrier)
  • Yang (Iowa – Tier 8 USN Battleship)
  • Blake (Sims – Tier 7 USN Premium Destroyer)

Change info:

  • Fixed the Plane for Ranger
  • Added the mg files for the main skin
  • Skin for all hull upgrade for on all ship
  • Several AA gun and Secondary gun
  • Main gun for Cleveland and Iowa
  • Plane skin for Ranger’s Dive, Torpedo and fighter Plane (Konosuba) \o/
  • Plane skin for Cleveland’s Fighter plane
  • Icon for dock and tech tree based on the ship.
  • Skin for small detail like crane, searchlight, range finder and radar.


Extract the archive at the latest patch folder in the res_mod in WoWs folder

World_of_Warships\res_mods\(latest version)


Last update : 9 May 2016



6 thoughts on “WoWs SKIN: RWBY Skin Col0lection Version 2.2”

  1. These are awesome but when I place them in the directory all of the non skinned ships loose any camo they have installed and go grey. Any way to avoid this?


    1. it kinda hard, cause the camo remover are set to remove all the camo in all ship. If you want to use camo on specific ship. I need further coding


  2. All the skins are amazing. But the planes skin for Ranger are different of the screenshot. Do not misunderstand me, the current skins look good, but I prefer more the skins in the screenshot. how I can install the old skins? it’s possible? Sorry if I make a mistake typing. English is not my native language XD. thanks for the reply.


    1. the original plane have been remove by WG in a certain patch. so the old skin basically cannot be use anymore.


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