WoWs Skin: Glow Pack Fix v1.2

UPDATE: Adding glow to main gun

Since WoWs update version 0.5.5, dev no longer allow modder to edit the mfm files for each skin which made the glowing effect must be edited manually, glow now will affect EVERY ships. The Skin Pack 002 still work fine but still the skin ship who supposed not to glow also will glow which made it ruin the quality. Here the detail on how to fix it. NOTE: You need to download 1GB of files for this pack.

To explain what this mods do, here a simple pic show example what happen



Note for poipoi glow:

What is MG packs?

  • a pack that contain bunch of dds textures that ended with _mg in its name?, for example : “”

What is MG packs for?

  • remove camouflages texture map on the ship. (we can also use another easier method for this : modified camouflages.xml)
  • remove Glow map on the ship. (if you use shaders pack to create glow in 0.5.5, and you don’t want every other ship has uncontrolled glow level over 9000? u need this pack to negate those glow)


  1. Download the “MG_Pack_01” below and extract on the res_mods. (Note, if you have other skin installed, please move it out first. The pack might overwrite your precious skin)
  2. After extracted the “MG_Pack_01”, download and extract the Shaders pack into the res_mods. (If you have older Shader folder, please remove it first)
  3. Now you can install back all the skin you had, or want to install. Just replace it ^


  1. MG Pack 1.1  – MEGA  / MEDIAFIRE by Kyoshiki
  2. Shaders – MEGA  / MEDIAFIRE by ReNation
  3. Skin Pack 002 – MEGA  / MEDIAFIRE by Xandier59
  4. Camoflage Remover – MEGA/MEDIAFIRE by Xandier59

Further Reading: – Link (If you want to edit the mg files by yourself)


  • Kyoshiki for MG Pack editing
  • Renation  and VikingRDD for Shaders files
  • Renation for proudly pirate licence
  • And other who seem related ^


Change log:

  • 1.0 Removing all glow in all texture
  • 1.1 Adding new mg files for new ship texture
  • 1.2 Adding new shader files for turret glow

One thought on “WoWs Skin: Glow Pack Fix v1.2”

  1. If I tried to read a dds file in this pack, an error as “Unexpected EOF.” couldn’t go out and see.
    Is it all right to use it in this state?
    Or a download mistake?

    All dds files of other Skin Mods can be read, but….


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