[Xandier59] Fate Gearing wall 01 Small

WoWs SKIN: USA Tier 10 Destroyer – Gearing [Fate 1.1]

UPDATE: Added Glow for main gun

Modification that change the visual of the Gearing ship with Fate [Magical Nanoha] theme. Some of the part you might see on other ship as well that using the same part. Detail and download can be view below:

Change info:

  • Gearing hull A
  • Gearing hull glow
  • 127 mm main gun
  • Torpedo Tubes and AA Gun
  • Misc: Dept charge, radar, range finder, small boat
  • Ship Preview Icon
  • NEW: Added Glow for turret


Extract the archive at the latest patch folder in the res_mod in WoWs folder

World_of_Warships\res_mods\(latest version)

Special Thank:

  • Kyoshiki



New Main gun ^



2 thoughts on “WoWs SKIN: USA Tier 10 Destroyer – Gearing [Fate 1.1]”

  1. Umm, the version on this post is 1.1, but the file version i was downloaded is 1.0 (same on the old post). Is it alright?
    Btw, thanks for the skin 😀


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