WoWs Skin: Glow Pack Fix v1.3

Author Note: My first post and yet it a copy and paste since Xandier done most of the writing already 😛
Author Second Note: Even tho the title says 1.3, the pack says 1.2 because first pack was named “Prototype” and couldn’t bother fixing the order. Will fix it on the next pack!

Since WoWs update version 0.5.5, dev no longer allow modder to edit the mfm files for each skin which made the glowing effect must be edited manually, glow now will affect EVERY ships. The Skin Pack 002 still work fine but still the skin ship who supposed not to glow also will glow which made it ruin the quality. Here the detail on how to fix it. NOTE: You need to download 1GB of files for this pack.

To explain what this mods do, here a simple pic show example what happen



Note for poipoi glow:

What is MG packs?

  • a pack that contain bunch of dds textures that ended with _mg in its name?, for example : “”

What is MG packs for?

  • remove camouflages texture map on the ship. (we can also use another easier method for this : modified camouflages.xml)
  • remove Glow map on the ship. (if you use shaders pack to create glow in 0.5.5, and you don’t want every other ship has uncontrolled glow level over 9000? u need this pack to negate those glow)


  1. Download the “MG_Pack_01.2” below and extract on the res_mods. (Note, if you have other skin installed, please move it out first. The pack might overwrite your precious skin)
  2. After extracted the “MG_Pack_01.3”, download and extract the Shaders pack into the res_mods. (If you have older Shader folder, please remove it first)
  3. Now you can install back all the skin you had, or want to install. Just replace it ^


  1. MG Pack 01.2  – MEGA  / MEDIAFIRE by Kyoshiki
  2. Shaders – MEGA  / MEDIAFIRE by ReNation
  3. Skin Pack 002 – MEGA  / MEDIAFIRE by Xandier59
  4. Camoflage Remover – MEGA/MEDIAFIRE by Xandier59

Further Reading: – Link (If you want to edit the mg files by yourself)


  • Xandier59 for Skin Pack 002 and Camoflage Remover
  • Renation  and VikingRDD for Shaders files
  • Renation for proudly pirate licence
  • And other who seem related ^

Change log:

  • 1.0 Removing all glow in all texture
  • 1.1 Adding new mg files for new ship texture
  • 1.2 Adding new shader files for turret glow
  • 1.3 Added Krasny Krym, Scharnhorst, Koenig Albert, and Black MG files.

10 thoughts on “WoWs Skin: Glow Pack Fix v1.3”

  1. Nice job!
    I have created new mg packs too:
    1. Big one – original mg’s with removed blue channel
    2. Small one – all mg’s are transformed into rectangles pasted with brown color – the archive weight has become 5MB while unpacked it weights about 2GB

    I’d like to ask you about methods you use to create these packs. I use imagemagick with bash scripting to bulk change the files. It took me about 3 hours to create scripts but now the process is fully automated – extraction of mg’s out of res_packages, removing channels, converting colors. I can provide the scripts (they are easy to use – click and wait) and the packs themselves if you need them.


    1. ATM i just do the long way of extracting first, paste it all into my current MG_pack and just go thru each one that has a date modify difference and edit that.


      1. Then tomorrow I’ll send you the scripts I’ve made – I think they will be useful not only for me


      2. As I promised – instructions how to create a glow pack without any troubles.
        Everything is already explained here in ReNtaion’s post:

        Link to the latest scripts:

        convert_mg removes blue channel from all * files in the directory and its subdirectories

        convert_mg_to_jpg converts all * to *_mg.jpg

        color_reset transforms all * files into rectangles filled with brown color – the quality of ingame image will be slightly decreased but this glow pack can be compressed into an archive that weights only 5mb. When you unarchive it – its size will become 2GB. This script can be used after convert_mg or instead of it – it doesn’t matter

        So you just need to install imagemagick then run wowsunpack and then run convert_mg FROM THE FOLDER THAT WAS CREATED AFTER USING WOWSUNPACK. Please beware – the script converts everything in the folder where it runs – so if you run it from root WOWS folder you’ll lose all mg files


  2. It’s actually, isn’t it?
    ” Installation of Glow Pack Fix” is considered, when I’d like to confirm what kind of data it’s in front of it, and tries to load a dds file by a graphic tool, it’ll be an error certainly.
    It can ordinarily be loaded by a dds file of other SKIN, so it’s the reason which worries whether it may be installed in the state to which an error goes out just as it is.


  3. It was often sorry to make them upset and do.
    Safe oneself could settle it.
    I think even one will consult this work, and produces and sees variously.
    I’ll be thankful.


    1. I guess you use google translate to send us your words… What language is your own? Some people here know Japanese, Vietnamese, Russian, French…


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