WoWs: Pantsu Flag/Signal 2.3.1

This mod will change the signal with pantsu signal, dakimakura, mizugi, etc…, the nation flag available with 2 version –  Neptunia, and Kancolle.


Pantsu Signal Preview


Neptunia and Kancolle Nation Flag Preview

flag preview


Pick the version you like and extract the content in the latest patch folder in the res_mod in WoWs folder

World_of_Warships\res_mods\(latest version)

DOWNLOAD (included with standard signal and Pantsu signal)

Kancolle Flag » MEGA  / MEDIAFIRE (Fixed)

Neptunia Flag » MEGA  / MEDIAFIRE (Fixed)

Credits to:

  • HuntingMyWaifu
  • Mscislav_sister
  • Xandier59



6 thoughts on “WoWs: Pantsu Flag/Signal 2.3.1”

    1. there is 2 version in the folder.. ver 1 and ver 2… open the folder, and extract all the content inside into the latest update of res_mods, and replace if asked :>


    2. and if you mean by remove the icon on the mounting screen. go to the gui/signal_flag and delete the content


      1. I mean, the thing is, I have no signal_flag folder since I did not install it, but even then, the signal have the SHAPE of pantsu (while having normal skin).
        Did I explain myself better?


      2. well sorry for the issue, it seem like someone who managing the flag files gone derp a bit with the files. The signal shape of pantsu, but the texture are the standard signal, right? I already fix it and uploaded the new one. Sorry for the inconvenient >__< – Xandi


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