WoWs: Pantsu Flag/Signal 2.4

This mod will change the signal with pantsu signal, dakimakura, mizugi, etc…, the nation flag available with 2 version –  Neptunia, and Kancolle.

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I am changing how MG Pack is installed as the old method require me to keep uploading the same pack which is time consuming. This method should be faster for current users of the pack, where new users will have an additional step.

The new method will be in the next MG pack update


Since WoWs Patch 0.5.5, Dev no longer allow modder to edit the mfm files for each skin which made the glowing effect must be edited manually, glow now will affect EVERY ships. The Skin Pack 002 still work fine but still the skin ship who supposed not to glow also will glow which made it ruin the quality. Here the detail on how to fix it.

NOTE: You need to download 1GB of files for this pack.

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