Interface: Kancolle Enchant Ver 4.4

WOWS Update Version

Kancolle Enchant (Standard/default version of Enchant Mod) – This mode improve the visual and made it look closer to kancolle theme. A Standalone installation, no need older version. You need to reinstall/remove all the older version of enchant mods to made it work properly.


  • Remove the older version, completely (if there any)
  • Download the new version below.
  • Unzip the files and place it inside the latest res_mods folder.
  • That it, now it work fine.

Change Notes from 4.3 to 4.4

  • Fix the broken gui
  • New admiral icon
  • New quest and mission bg

PS: Please delete all the old unbound and lobby folder before installed ^



Kancolle Enchant Expansion/DLC 

Akatsuki Enchant – Link


Prinz Eugen Enchant – Link


Haruna Enchant – Link



  • This patch not included the extended tech tree or deupper case ship text, all those sensitive will put on separated section. (Simple way, get it from Aslain Pack) 😀
  • Extract the content of the zip files into the latest update of folder in the res_mods. The content is the gui folder, not the folder name ^



Credit to those people who help me fixed/test the mods, danke! danke!

  • Kyoshiki
  • MorizukiYuki
  • renation89
  • Waifuhunter
  • TonyVonHabsburg


By Kyo-kun :3


11 thoughts on “Interface: Kancolle Enchant Ver 4.4”

  1. If your game wont start when using the Akatsuki, Prinz Eugen or Haruna Enchant, go in gui/flash and replace the service_lib.swf from the Akatsuki, Eugen or Haruna with the new one from this Kancolle Enchant. That should work until they update that Enchants or wargaming ruins it again.


  2. As of Version, it stopped moving from the loading screen, and the game started.
    Is there a way of Qiuck Fix?


  3. Supplement
    Interface: When using Kancolle Enchant Ver 4.4 and INTERFACE: Akatsuki Enchant 2.7 together, gui / flash and replace the service_lib.swf did not proceed from the loading screen even if replaced.


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