News and Update – Oct 2017

Greeting and long time not see.

Here is short notice from us about the upcoming update and reason why we been absent for a while. Please fill the survey down below to help us improve our team more in future.


Sorry for being absent for several months. I totally been missing a lot of update now day. I was busy and focusing on my intern with certain games company on those time. Now thing have smooth out and getting to finish my intern on this end of month. So expected I will back to my usual work schedule with modding later.

Meanwhile feel free to check up my new personal twitter and my pixiv, link I put below. I been doing freelancer work as artist too on those time, and some of my art already added in the games like Panzer Waltz, Panzer Vor! and Banzai Escape 2. (Click on title link for info)


Twitter / Pixiv


And more importantly, I created a survey which I hope you people could help me fill it up in order I can see what the improvement and update I give in the future. I would greatly help us to see what we should do in next update. Thank :>


Survey link:


That all for now, I hope you all have a great day with us again this time ^




10 thoughts on “News and Update – Oct 2017”

  1. I was certain that I saw your works in PW! Good job! Thank you very much! Nice to hear that you found a way forward
    Glad that you have returned here anyway. Looking up for more of your works

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    1. yes, thank for it. There sure a lot of thing for me to get fixing now. Dunno where even to start it. Camo remover and glow shader keep crashing the gamu everytime


  2. Welcome back.
    I like your WoWs Mods.
    I was so sad when I removed the unusable part while you were away.
    Perhaps you need to work on a rebuild level rather than a fix, but I believe there is nothing to worry about when you come back.

    P.S Because of reliance on Google translator, it may be a little strange.


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