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News and Update – Oct 2017

Greeting and long time not see.

Here is short notice from us about the upcoming update and reason why we been absent for a while. Please fill the survey down below to help us improve our team more in future.

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News: MEGA up back

Now all the MEGA files have back reupload. Tell me if there any link still missing. There might be some missing since my pc undergo break down this week but please inform us if there any link still dead. Danke danke! for corporation desss~~

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New Bob Appears!!

Heyo, time I introduce myself.

I’m Kyoshiki or Kyo for short; I am a part-time modder that been recently working with Xandier and Sudoku recently and decide to make an proper appearance . You may notice me from by the Twitch link, just located under the Facebook link on the site as I tend to stream time to time.

My main job here at Pravda Team is modding the Shader/ MG Pack, Kancolle Enchant with Xandier, mod tester and tech support

Feel free to asks any questions here or on Pravda Facebook. RubRub Out!