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News and Update – Oct 2017

Greeting and long time not see.

Here is short notice from us about the upcoming update and reason why we been absent for a while. Please fill the survey down below to help us improve our team more in future.

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New Bob Appears!!

Heyo, time I introduce myself.

I’m Kyoshiki or Kyo for short; I am a part-time modder that been recently working with Xandier and Sudoku recently and decide to make an proper appearance . You may notice me from by the Twitch link, just located under the Facebook link on the site as I tend to stream time to time.

My main job here at Pravda Team is modding the Shader/ MG Pack, Kancolle Enchant with Xandier, mod tester and tech support

Feel free to asks any questions here or on Pravda Facebook. RubRub Out!