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Pravda Team members:


war_flag_200x200Nickname: Sudoku135

Rank: Founder

Joined Date: August 17, 2015

Roles: Graphic Designer, Flash Specialist, Web-Master, Sound DJ, Releases Provider, Tech Support.

Contact Address: sudoku135 – pqthuy135

Real-time technical support: Team Viewer required – DOWNLOAD

Location: Vietnam ( UTC+7 ).


  • WoT Asia
  • WoWs Asia


photo-thumb-505950284-54c39f36Nickname: Xandier59

Rank: Founder

Joined Date: August 17, 2015

Roles: Graphic Designer, Flash Specialist, Web-Master, Releases Provider.

Contact Address: xandier59 – xandier.xce

Location: Malaysia ( UTC+8)


  • WoT Europe
  • WoWs Europe

14 thoughts on “Contact | Support”

  1. Hey! This doesn’t really matter, but if you’d like I would love to help grammatically correct your posts. It’s a really odd form of help since you guys always get the point across with your awesome mods which is why it’s totally cool if you reject. Just wanted to offer my help though if it ever bothered you! Just let me know by email though if it is something you would like to take up.


  2. Ey guys, Thx for your great work!! I have a little issue and i just wandering if you can help me. The thing its that with the update 5.5 if i put an enchant mod all my boats dissapear as wess as my money and in all contries trees appear the text and i cant click in any boat. I just wondering if you can help my with this issue.

    Thx for your works and keep it up!! ^^


  3. hello team , I have lost the ability to use my manuel control skill for my secondary and AA guns, since I installed the kan skin pack ans fem admirals ver3 ,,they went in and work,and look great !! but my high stat point capt cannot get her secondary guns to fire and shes got that skill !! help pls


  4. You might want to try deleting “unbound”, “flash” folder inside res_mods/0.5.x.y/gui folder. If still not work, remove all xml files in that “gui” folder. If it still doesnt work after that, you might want to do a clean reinstall or contact me so we can arrange z time for me to look into your installation


  5. From this update I can no longer use your wonderful MOD. Please deal with it.(sorry .This sentence is machine translation


  6. Hey pravda team i don’t know why but since the realease of update 0.6.9
    the skin pack 002 isn’t working properly. The skins are working but the camo remover doesn’t work. Whenever i launch the game with it it crashes but if i remove it the skins mixes with the camos. I hope you guys make new camo remover to fix or just wait an update of wows.
    Btw your skin pack is awesome !!! great job on that


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