Skin: IJN Tier 7 Cruiser Myoukou (Haguro) v1.2 [fixed]

This modification will replace the original textures of hulls, main cannons and secondary cannon on Myoukou , which means you might see them on other ships as well if they use the same files.

What inside:

  •  Myoukou 1941 and 1945 hull.
  • “203mm/50 Type C Range Finder” and “203mm/50 Type C” Main cannons.
  • “127mm/40 Type89_3” Secondary cannon.


Extract the archive at the following path “….\World_of_Warships\res_mods\a.b.c.d\” with “a.b.c.d” is the folder of the latest version of the game and check if the paths.xml is using this format or the similar:

————— For 0.4.1 version and above ———————-



MEDIAFIRE | MEGA – v1.2 » 9.3 MB (Last Update 06/09/2015)




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