News: Technical Error for a moment

First of all, we are sorry to inform that our MEGA download link will be down for a moment due to some technical difficulty.  We going to improve the quality and organized back the folder so it would made us work more effective in future.

Notes to be noticed:

  • My pc undergo a break down on hardisk so there kinda few files have been lost.
  • All MEGA download link will be down for a few days, tommorow is the best I can promise.
  • Mediafire and other mirror still work fine.
  • Material related to enchant mode have been lost, new enchant update will bring new look but it will take more time to be complete.
  • Skin material and files are in perfect order (thank god)
  • Special Enchant Halloween version will be released soon.
  • Patreon user will have benefit to access our MEGA folder for unique collection of material and many stuff more  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) HUE
  • PravdaTeam will open a new page to list up the mods so much easy searching the mods wanted.


If there something you need to ask, please come to our discord channel for any futher question, and we try to answer as best we can. Danke!~~


3 thoughts on “News: Technical Error for a moment”

  1. Was it Seagate that break down? I prefer WD red or Toshiba NAS for their reliability. Since I once bought Seagate 1T and it died within a day……..what a horrible experience. Anyway I recommend using crystaldiskinfo to check the lifespan of your disk.
    Keep on going Pravda Team!!! We will always be on your side!!!


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