39 thoughts on “WoWs SKIN: IJN Skin Pack 001”

    1. wow.. skin mod made game broken? wow plz xD
      first time I hear it ^^
      you sure it is skin who broke the game? :3


  1. Hi, xandier

    it is pretty awesome skin pack, and I also already use it.
    BTW when I add skin for Fuso (BB 6 tier), the skin section at the left side of ship is reversed like reflected image from mirror. (Order is wrong, the other ships are fine but each letter of left side on Fuso is in reverse order) So can you modify this? It will be good for users using your mod if you modify that.

    Thank you. 😀


  2. sry ich kann kein English T_T

    ich habe das Paket runter geladen und in mein \res_mods\0.5.2 aber ich habe immer noch das Standard aussehen der schiffe kann mir bitte jemand helfen


        • If this is the first time you installing our mods, please copy all of mod data to the res_mods/ folder.
        • Otherwise, please delete the EMPTY folder created by Wargaming, then rename the old mod folder ( for example: into

        Basically, you just need to confirm that your mod folder have the same name with the lastest verion of the game.


  3. habe ich gemacht nur geht es bei mir nicht T_T


  4. Sorry XANDIER59 , There is a mistake in tier 8 mogami skin . The letter 青葉 is tier 6 aoba’s name , and Suzuya’s name is 鈴谷。


  5. hello, I’m Japanese and I love these skins. But it doesn’t work well for Fuso(B&C).
    Just now I found the reason. The skin file name is incorrect.
    Change the file name as following.
    directory path:res_mods\%version%\content\gameplay\japan\ship\battleship\textures

    So , The year is incorrect. After i chenge the name, it works well.
    thank you for reading my poor english.


  6. Hey, awesome work and thanks for that, anyway i got a little issue with the Nagato skin ( IJN T7 BB ) the cannons look somehow “classic” without skin, i tried the old version / the skinpack and the aslain modpack installer, somehow 😀 all of them wont work right.

    greetz Kyou


    1. Yeah, I’m trying to redownload the Nagato skin and it says its outdated. It says to go here for the current download, but there’s no download link here haha.


  7. Like your story and it encouraged me to give it a try for two weeks. Best wishes and thanks for sharing and encraouging . Very good advice. Namaste Ps I will post this if its ok for a week on my site, hoping others try this .


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